Sunday, October 24, 2010

Screenshot Screenshot effects of extraction

Author: Gavin003

Here we borrow a chemical on the professional term "extraction", which means that the image from the program file (. Exe or. Dll) in the extract.

According to my own understanding of the current software to achieve this function only SnagIt a very rare, let us look at how to "extract."


1, in SnagIt Image Capture panel, click the icon.

2, select Input> Advanced> Program File, meaning that screenshot from the program file.

Figure 1

Extraction of the image:

Now press Screenshot hotkey Ctrl + Shift + P, a window appears as shown in Figure 2, the original program file from the "extraction" of three types of images: Bitmaps (bitmap), Icons (icon), Cursors (right arrow) .

Figure 2

Click Browse ... to find the target program file, double-click of the open, resulting in Figure 3.

Figure 3: This is a program file in the Bitmaps (bitmap).


Figure 4: This is the program file in the Icons (icon).

Figure 5: This is the program file Cursors (right arrow)

You look out, here to open the program file is flashget.exe, the original of which has hidden the secret of so many images!

The next task very simple, click on the need to intercept the object, current object appears in the Preview window. As shown, the image background is black, but, if we can replace white, the effect will be better.

Figure 6

Preview window below the Background Color does exactly that, in RGB mode on the interception of the object's background color to adjust. As shown, now we have replaced the white background color, the feeling is not a good thing?

Figure 7

Click the Capture button interception, interception of the preview window appears, press the Save As button to save the file can be.

Figure 8

At this point, can be summarized to arrive at a formula: extraction screenshot = (bitmap + icon + right arrow) images.

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Monday, October 18, 2010

GDI Graphics Rendering with VB.NET

Protected Overrides Sub onpaint (ByVal e As System.Windows.Forms.PaintEventArgs)


Dim g As Graphics = e.Graphics

Dim mypen As Pen = New Pen (Color.Red, 2)

g.DrawLine(mypen, 100, 100, 10, 10)

Note :///////////// draw the rectangle (any linear form of the closed graph)

Dim point1 As PointF = New PointF (100F, 100F)

Dim point2 As PointF = New PointF(200F, 100F)

Dim point3 As PointF = New PointF(200F, 200F)

Dim point4 As PointF = New PointF (100F, 200F)

Dim curvepoints As PointF() = {point1, point2, point3, point4}

g.DrawPolygon (New Pen (Color.Blue, 2), curvepoints)

Note ://////////// text that

Dim FFamily As FontFamily = New FontFamily ("Arial")

Dim font As Font = New Font (FFamily, "20", FontStyle.Bold, FontStyle.Italic,

Dim text As String = "I love you!"

Dim solidbrush As SolidBrush = New SolidBrush(Color.Red)

Dim pr As PointF = New PointF (100, 10)

e.Graphics.DrawString (text, font, solidbrush, pr)

Note ://////////// plane drawing

Dim rec As RectangleF = New RectangleF (10, 10, 200, 100)

g.DrawPie (mypen, rec, 150, 150)

Note ://///////// closed graph, should be a circle of 0.7

g.DrawClosedCurve(mypen, curvepoints, 0.7,


g.DrawArc (mypen, 300, 300, 200, 200, 100, 100)

g.DrawCurve (mypen, curvepoints)

g.DrawBezier (mypen, 50, 50, 100, 50, 100, 100, 50, 100)

g.DrawBeziers(mypen, curvepoints)

Note :////////// That's a circle

Dim rec1 As RectangleF = New RectangleF (10, 10, 100, 100)

g.DrawEllipse (mypen, rec1)

Note :////////// This is an ellipse

Dim rec2 As RectangleF = New RectangleF (10, 10, 200, 100)

g.DrawEllipse (mypen, rec2)

End Sub



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Friday, October 8, 2010

Golden Abacus eAM State Assets Bureau Haizhu District, Guangzhou presence

Winter coming, but a relaxing and warm gold abacus atmosphere. Recently, gold abacus by the Guangzhou municipal government public tender, the successful bidder, Haizhu District, Guangzhou City, the administrative institutions of state-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Asset Information Management System project, and formally with the Haizhu District of Guangzhou City, the state-owned Assets Supervision and Administration (hereinafter referred to as "Pearl of state assets Board ") signed cooperation. Golden Abacus eAM introduced Haizhu Guozi Ju, to the region of the Pearl, 251 units operating and financial, State Assets Department of the assets of unified supervision and management of information.

Zhu Guo Ziju sea belonged to the administrative institutions of existing 251 independent accounting of the administrative institutions, of which 200 institutions, 51 administrative units, as well as finance, the two state-owned assets supervision departments, involving all departments under its jurisdiction. Area covering a department of personnel. Traditional manual management to Hoi Chu Guo Ziju brought a lot of inconvenience.

In order to prevent chaos after the asset inventory of the Qing, effectively raising the level of state-owned assets management to further improve the management of state assets in this area, so that belonged to the 251 independent accounting and administrative institutions of the carrying amount of the assets of unlisted assets, operating assets and non- operating assets, and asset structure, distribution, use, maintenance, and inventory, and increase or decrease, etc., to achieve online, real-time, dynamic, paperless, information technology and network management. Asset management and budget management in accordance with the combination of asset management and financial management combined with real management and value management combination of "combination" principle, the full use of existing resources of the area under the premise to the district government information network as a platform using the business data message transmission automatic exchange of data, thus completing the cross-unit, cross-regional, cross-network aggregation and top-down bottom-up data reported to the approval process of auditing and inspection of two. Gold Abacus Software combined with the actual situation of Hai Zhu Guo Ziju its development of a tailored and professional information management program of state-owned assets. Help Haizhu Guo Ziju use of information systems on the refinement of the assets, streamline the entire process of management, dynamic to grasp the state of assets, distribution and end, full control of assets and business process management, the establishment of cooperative mechanisms for asset management business to improve business efficiency, build assets, rights and responsibility system, standardized business processes, emphasizing the rich history of statistical queries and queries, thus establishing the basis of asset management data in support of asset monitoring, statistics, analysis and decision-making needs.

At present, the implementation is smooth going. Dingli Golden Abacus believes the assistance will be realized and subordinate departments, Haizhu District, Guo Ziju asset management information to realize the assets of the centralized management of the assets of the unit real-time management and monitoring, and grasp the status of assets to achieve Dynamic asset lifecycle management, leadership and decision-making basis to provide relevant information.

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

J2ME in the divide and rule

Switching two pictures, if a new picture from the inside out, a rectangular display, you can use to set a setClip drawn rectangle.

However, now he came back, from the outside, a rectangular box shows, but no such method which J2ME, how do?

With, let's give him a divide and rule, a setClip not, we can be in multiple Well. On the present situation, from the four directions, in four setClip.

g.setClip (0, 0, currentGridWidth, screenHeight);

doPaintInterludeEffect (g);

g.setClip (screenWidth - currentGridWidth, 0, currentGridWidth,


doPaintInterludeEffect (g);

g.setClip (scnWidth_Half - currentGridWidth, 0,

currentGridWidth, screenHeight);

doPaintInterludeEffect (g);

g.setClip (scnWidth_Half + currentGridWidth, 0,

currentGridWidth, screenHeight);

doPaintInterludeEffect (g);

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Blue Wave eras invited to attend the China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry "transfer mode" Expert Group

July 18, Blue Wave eras invited 714 representatives of the Institute of China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry participated in Chengdu, China Shipbuilding Heavy Industries at the "transfer mode," the fourth meeting of Group of Experts. The company's software, the responsible department attended the meeting.

The so-called "transfer mode", that is changing shipbuilding mode. Group "transfer mode" work carried out since 1995 has achieved significant results. In the "transfer mode" concept under the guidance of group affiliated Shipbuilding assembly plant output from 87 million tonnes in 1999 to 3.15 million tons in 2005, the main business income increased from 15 billion yuan to 48 billion yuan. This shows that the "transfer mode" concept is the basis for the development of the domestic shipbuilding industry and the fundamental, is the Blue Wave to provide information to the shipbuilding enterprise solutions to important guidelines and reference standards.

At the meeting, the Blue Wave to the experts presented Bluewave for the shipbuilding industry Energine-Ship solution demonstrates M2.BW system function, and heard a group of experts of the Ministry of Science and leadership as well as shipyards in different views. Through participation in the meeting and learning, we further strengthened to provide excellent shipbuilding enterprise solutions and software products, confidence and determination. Companies also would like to invite a number of industry experts as the Blue Wave senior consultant for the Blue Wave's long-term follow-up, professional guidance and advice.

In mid-July, with the M2.BW 2.0 version of the development, testing is completed, the company identified the next development plan, M2.BW 2.01 version will initially achieve docking with the financial software, business bulk import of raw data, barcode scanning supplies Access and PDM systems and well-known docking functions.

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

IPTV will be better than "the right to license the Move"

The IPTV and digital TV battle, the parties point of view very much, in general, only three: IPTV wins, wins digital TV, IPTV and digital TV to continue to fight in many years. I think the broadcasting system must be put down attitude, and telecom operators cooperate with each other before they can as quickly as possible to promote the Chinese IPTV market.

There are currently a number of media articles, will focus on the 7 on IPTV standards to promote their work, which is obviously not the development of IPTV in China, a key part. China has always been in the standard formulation is not dominant, and in the construction industry's ability to make their foreign counterparts are often more deeply envy. Judgments based on experience, our national standards, will remain largely refer to other existing relevant standards (or international standards, or other national standards), and even does not rule out the possibility of the final copy from - though we all want to have their own strong standards, but over the years, more than the industry standard-setting process confirmed that the domestic communications and information technology industry standards, also tariff policy of most "strong" a; IPTV industry standards, it's not as wiring industry national standards-making process and the results much better.

Although the IPTV license rights granted hair is still holding hands in the Film and Television, but we must first develop IPTV "rely on" basic telecommunications operators have become a fact of life - although Radio Shanghai Media circles is tantamount to desertion, but No matter from which side, to seek and operators, it is the best choice for. With the goal of digital television development, has repeatedly reported to fail to correspond to reality, is a nationwide experiment to start IPTV soon as conditions are ripe, the experimental area will be immediately transferred directly into combat from the reserve, up to the laboratory for more than 50 outbreaks of demonstration of energy, can not be ignored.

Aspects of the equipment support capabilities, IPTV by almost all telecom equipment manufacturers even behind, the digital television supply chain, relative to much smaller size of the - the momentum of digital television now, Bingbu from industrial chain Zhengti strong, while SARFT is the content, the license of monopoly control. However, from a wide range of view, such control efforts will soon be "triple play" undermined the national interests and even to replace, or even IPTV license decision to move up quickly.

And it is the right decision on this move will enable fixed operators to support the growth of PHS tide over the crisis once again plunged into depression after the ARPU value again after the end of 2008 ushered in the new growth hot spots - on the end of 2007, IPTV profit model will usher in mature statement, in China, such a large geographical area, do not match reality.

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

AllRipper DVD to RMVB

AllRipper DVD to RMVB is the best RealMedia converter software. easy convert Real Media files(.rm, .rmvb) to AVI, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, VCD, SVCD, DVD files. convert RM/RMVB to AVI DIVX XVID MPEG VCD SVCD DVD and burn to DVD/CD. You can change the codec/system type to PAL or NTSC, and adjust the video size of the output files . It supports to convert almost all video, such as: RM to AVI, RM to DIVX XVID, RM to MPEG-1, RM to MPEG-2, RM to WMV, RM to VCD, RM to DVD, RM to PSP Video, iPod Video, Zune Video, iPhone Video...

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